waiting for papa

stay put, papa said.
he hugs me
beneath the smoke colored sky
and wetly kisses my forehead.

okay, papa, okay.
i’ll wait here.

as he runs with the men wearing
dirty, khaki uniforms
i sit under a wooden table
holding my knees,
careful to not let anyone step on me.

everyone is running in different directions
yelling the names of their children
and looking for god.
i hope the flares hit the dirt
and not them.

i want to close my eyes
like momma told me to do when i’m scared
but it’s hard not to look
at the flies picking at a dead dog
and my neighbor laying next to me
whose eyes haven’t blinked.
he is a nice man,
i remember he gave me caramel candies.

the skies now buzz with flies
it’s hard to see anything
with all the lights out.

i hear mommas wailing
and papas sobbing.
i peak my head out
and the roads look empty.

i see the sun rising behind the little houses
lighting the faces of
people who slept on the street.
some of them hug the earth
others have their arms open
towards the clouds.

everything is still.

papa still hasn’t come back.
he must have gone to the store to buy those cigarettes
the ones momma doesn’t like.
he’d be proud. i’m such a good listener
i even slept under the wooden table
like he said.

the sun reaches the center of the sky
and no one wakes up.

i will forgive you for leaving me here
only if you bring me some
caramel candies.

i know papa doesn’t like it
when i cry.
but i can’t stop crying.
he still hasn’t come back.

4 thoughts on “waiting for papa

  1. So sad 😦 Based on a true story? My fave lines, “some of them hug the earth, others have their arms open towards the cloud. Everything is still.”

  2. I read this the other night before falling asleep, but was too tired to comment :$ I really loved this, and I got goosebumps as I read it. The funny thing is that as I was reading this I imagined a post-apocalyptic world. But maybe that’s because the newest episode of the video game, “The Walking Dead,” came out the other day XD There’s something tragic viewing a war or the end of the world through the eyes of a child. I think these were my favorite lines, “everyone is running in different directions, yelling the names of their children, and looking for god.” It captures the chaos and hopelessness of the scene. This was a beautiful and poignant piece. Loved it ❤

    • Thank you so much for commenting today even though you read it when you were tired! Also, I had no idea that the video game came out. I love the show though, it’s interesting. 🙂 And awww, I’m glad you liked my piece. Your comment made my day ❤

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