the “one lovely blog award”


the lovely paperbutterfly nominated me for this award. she is a very talented writer and an asset to the WordPress community. i sincerely appreciate her nominating me. if you haven’t already read her stuff, you should! 🙂 this is my first time doing this blogger award business, so hopefully i do this process correctly!

the requirements:
– thank and link the person(s) who nominated you
– list the rules and display the award
– share 7 facts about yourself
– nominate 15 other blogs
– comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated

the seven facts:
1) i hate icebreakers (the “let everyone get to know each other” activities)
2) i am about to begin my fourth year in college
3) i skipped kindergarten
4) buffy the vampire slayer is my favorite show
5) i have bungee jumped
6) my first time leaving the u.s. was when i studied abroad in costa rica
7) i love dancing although i can’t do it well

nominees (listed in no particular order):
1) A Monsoon of Words
2) The Writer Girl’s Diary
3) Summer Surprises
4) Harsh Reality
5) Life in 100 Words
6) Christina Tesoro
7) Fiery Tail Imagery
8) phonaesthetica
9) boy with a hat
10) girl in the hat
11) Girl, Interrupted
12) Bridgette Tales
13) Essie Does Summer
14) Cosette’s Words
15) Little Secrets (the blog of one of my best friends)

all of these blogs are wonderful. they have all intrigued me and feature amazing talent. 🙂