Word Vomit (2)

my second word vomit. sometimes, throwing up words is refreshing. i feel calmer because i’ve released the annoying bacteria on paper and it doesn’t nestle in my stomach anymore, biting me. scratching me. like vomit, my words here aren’t very pretty. and that’s okay, because sometimes not everything in life is pretty.

life. i felt so happy a couple of days ago when i felt like i discovered the meaning of it. maybe it’s a phase of mine, and tomorrow i won’t feel the same. but right now, i feel peaceful because i’m content with my discovery.

it happened when i finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. it’s a good book. lots of great life advice, but not many things i haven’t heard about. anyway, i was at a laundromat with my family, folding clothes. it was a typical sunday afternoon. when i finished folding my little sister’s yellow “i mustache you a question” shirt, i realized i agreed with morrie. i understood that one of our purposes here on earth is to “love and be loved”.

there are many things morrie discussed. family. guilt. marriage. but, for some reason, i understood “love and be loved” the best. what is the one thing that the poor and rich can do? what exists before and after death? what is the world’s most abundant resource? what makes us feel happy and what makes us feel angry? what can’t we live without? Love. it’s so simple. and for me, it’s true. maybe that’s why it’s so cliché, because others have discovered it too. Love. whats makes us see, hear, and speak although we are blind, deaf, and mute. everyone, from all walks of life, love. everyone, from all walks of life, are loved. when we don’t love, we are unhappy. when we aren’t loved, we are unhappy.

or maybe it’s just me and this is a generalization. but i feel happy knowing that i am fortunate to have the chance to love, that i am here on earth where love is in our flowers, families, foods, trees, lovers, oceans, ourselves, and friends. love, like energy, cannot be created or destroyed—it is inside us, it is what makes us laugh and cry and think about that person who cut me off while driving— why didn’t that person love me? why didn’t they understand that they could’ve hit my car, scratched it, and i would have had to pay so much money to get it fixed?

i hope this word vomit makes sense to you. sometimes it’s hard for me to convey these sort of thoughts to others. i also hope you are having a wonderful day or night. 🙂 at the moment, peace is love, and maybe it is or can be for you too.