what’s in a name

i don’t understand why my mother gave me a second name if there isn’t an occasion to use it. no one ever says my middle name. or asks for it. i wish they did, though. i love my middle name. i think of a warrior who rides on a black stallion while lifting her bejeweled sword in the air, ready for battle. she’s ready to fight for her people, her thought, and her heart. she’s ready to fight for herself. in my second name, i hear her battle cry.

alexandra. it sounds like water crashing into boulders at the bottom of a waterfall. it sounds strong. fierce.

unlike my second name, my first name is much smoother, like the fur of a fluffy rabbit. it sounds light and cute. sort of like the name of a bubblegum-pink lipstick. the kind of lipstick that makes your lips look soft, pouty, and shiny. it even smells like that pale pink cotton candy they sell at carnivals. sweet and delicious.

a street vendor blows a stream bubbles with his plastic bubble gun on the paths of parents walking with their children. the bubbles, whose direction is steered by the breeze, remind me of my first name. julie.


note: i felt inspired to write what i thought about my names when i read Sandra Cisneros’ book, The House on Mango Street. in the book, there is a chapter where the protagonist describes her name using images, tastes, and scents—and i thought it would be interesting for me to do the same. what image does your name paint for you? i’m interested to know. 🙂


4 thoughts on “what’s in a name

  1. That is rather interesting to think of your names so deeply, I’ve never take the time to really think of my own in so much detail before. As for the use of a middle name, I tend to call my daughter by hear first and middle name when she is in trouble haha… Other than that, you can always use it if you don’t want someone to know your first name, it is harder to look someone up on the internet with a middle name.

    • Thinking about names and their meanings is so interesting–I didn’t start thinking about mine until I read The House on Mango Street. Haha, it’s interesting that her middle name is used when she gets in trouble! When I was younger and got in trouble my parents only said my first name but in a much harsher tone. And that’s true, it would be harder to find the person on the internet if they used their middle name instead of their first. Thank you for reading, by the way. 🙂

  2. I love the way you describe your names. I’ve always been fascinated by names’ origins and meanings. I think the feel of a name can be powerful.

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