how to make me happy

lets dance to some música latina. the kind that makes you want to move your hips and shoulders playfully and teasingly while you smile that smile that makes your teeth hug your tongue. while romeo santos sings about the things he’d do for just a dance with a lovely woman he doesn’t know, we can twirl each other and laugh like we are having such a wonderful time. when daddy yankee sings about dancing in night clubs we can imagine we are doing just that, except without that annoying claustrophobic, sweaty atmosphere where creepy men stare at people like us dancing. we pretend we don’t have a care in the world except for the song that the dj decided would be a good follow up. we can sing lyrics aloud to each other, such as celia cruz’s la vida es un carnaval, where we pretend that the lyrics are true: todo aquel que piensa que la vida es desigual, tiene que saber que no es así, que la vida es una hermosura…hay que vivirla…


or if you don’t like dancing, that’s okay, we can just eat a bowl of fresh strawberries, mango, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, green grapes, and watermelon. we can sprinkle salt and limón all over them so that it tastes bien rico, just like the bowls of fruit my momma sometimes gives me on late saturday afternoons. it all tastes so sweet and glorious, and all of a sudden i feel like a hummingbird sucking on a cherry blossom’s nectar.


if you can find me un refresco de cas, i would be even happier. i’d tell you, no way, how’d you know that i simply love and adore cas. i probably wouldn’t tell you this because i wouldn’t be sure if you wanted to hear it, but in costa rica they had plenty of cas. it was like angels knew summer was here and invented such a refreshing fruit that they knew would be made into refrescos, such wonderful drinks. they’d be served chilled and would remind me of lemonade but with more of a tangy flavor, a less artificial taste, and full of memories of mi linda costa rica. To me, cas is the perfect fruit.


but if you don’t like to dance, if you don’t like eating fruit, or don’t know where to find cas in the united states, that’s okay. i am also happy with a glass bottle of coke or a resse’s peanut butter cup. in all honesty, though, i don’t think you can ever make me happy. i don’t believe that no one will. sure, there are people in my life who do spark happiness, or positive energies, but they never have caused it. happiness is discovered within, draped in all the memories and appreciations of all things that have made me who i am today. i know this because there was a time i couldn’t dance to música latina, or eat fruit, or cas, or reese’s, or drink a glass bottle of coke, and i was still happy. feliz.

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